HP 10BII financial calculator – comma and decimal point swap

February 9, 2014 · Posted in General · Comment 

This is really funny – one day, I realized that my HP© 10BII financial calculator is displaying a comma instead of a decimal point and displaying a decimal point for a comma…

Very confusing…

The fix is to press “shift”(brown key on the left) and “.” (the decimal point).

The calculator’s user manual is downloadable from the manufacturer’s site: direct link to the manual


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Action Canceled Message When Opening .chm File

January 7, 2010 · Posted in General · Comment 


Recently we have started custom programming for MetaTrader platforms.

We downloaded a programming guide that is in a Microsoft’s compiled help file format from the website and run (open with Microsoft HTML Help) it, we got the message as pictured on the left:

“Action canceled”

Internet Explorer was unable to link to the web page you requested. ….”

To solve this situation, right-click on the “.chm” file and choose the “properties.” Then click the “Unblock” button on the bottom in the Security attribute.