Hide Caller ID on Blackberry 8520

January 8, 2010 · Posted in BlackBerry, Cellular Phones · 3 Comments 

Currently we are using Blackberry 8520. It has plenty of features and very light.

It happened to be the same Blackberry as one customer’s. She asked me how to hide caller ID.

We have used other Blackberries and the way hide caller ID was the same:

“options” menu –> “general option” –> “restrict my identity.” Then you just need to chose an option there; however, the Blackberry 8520’s options seem to be changed a little bit.

For this unit’s case, you have to be in “Call Logs” first. Then “Menu” –> “options” –> “General Options” –>”Restrict My Identity” and choose your option.

Figuring out that you have to be in “Call Logs” menu is the toughest part!

Dial *67? Nope, Blackberry does not take that.