Hide Caller ID on Blackberry 8520

January 8, 2010 · Posted in BlackBerry, Cellular Phones · 3 Comments 

Currently we are using Blackberry 8520. It has plenty of features and very light.

It happened to be the same Blackberry as one customer’s. She asked me how to hide caller ID.

We have used other Blackberries and the way hide caller ID was the same:

“options” menu –> “general option” –> “restrict my identity.” Then you just need to chose an option there; however, the Blackberry 8520’s options seem to be changed a little bit.

For this unit’s case, you have to be in “Call Logs” first. Then “Menu” –> “options” –> “General Options” –>”Restrict My Identity” and choose your option.

Figuring out that you have to be in “Call Logs” menu is the toughest part!

Dial *67? Nope, Blackberry does not take that.

T-mobile UMA Configurations for Netgear WPN824v3

November 24, 2009 · Posted in BlackBerry, configuration · Comment 

Sometimes we visit the customer’s site and need to use our cell phones (Blackberry) to communicate with our office. And sometimes, we do not have cellular connections over there. That is why we depend on T-mobile’s hotsopt@home/UMA connections.

This time, I could not connect using the customer’s wifi connections… so I had to diagnose why.

The UMA diagnostics code was W006.1. Basically it is not communicating with T-Mobile’s UMA related servers; however, the wifi connection is in “connected” status.

Some website suggested that nslookup (IP look up for the internet address) needs to be resolved for punc.t-mobileuncs.com; however, in our office, this was not the necessity. Many websites suggested that the port 500 and 4500 needs to be opened. Well, they should not be blocked according to the client’s Netgear WPN824v3. But hey, let’s use the “port forwarding” feature for the device. Then the error code of the diag changed to the W004.1.

Mmmm…. something is going on. A few websites suggests that I should not use WEP wifi protection and should choose other methods. OK, try PSK…. and not working. OK, how about no protection…. and it WORKS! Why?????

It must be the router is blocking something. Making a long story short, you have to disable WMM (Wi-Fi Multi-media) and use QoS (Quality of Service) for port 500 and 4500. Then your UMA connection should work for this router.